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Week 4, Final Week of Studio Kura

Blink and you’ll miss it... That’s how it felt like the past month went at Studio Kura. The final week of my stay at the artist residency was spent exploring Fukuoka prefecture and all (as much as I could get to by train) to offer. Fellow artists and I went walking through the wilderness, exploring the history of Kyushu in museums and castles, searching through second-hand stores, taking quick Shamisen lessons, and even relaxing in an onsen (it’s weird). We’ve met up for dinner, eaten amazing food and discussed plans for the future. It’s an amazing experience to be able to travel to a foreign country to live and work but having like-minded, talented and kind people working around you at the same time makes it unforgettable.

All the work displayed over the two weekends of the festival was world class quality and deserves all the praise and recognition it received. And that goes double for all the staff who worked to organise and facilitate all that went into the festival. Having a space to work on a single project and then display it in a festival setting is something that can be hard to find and everyone at Studio Kura work so hard to provide a great work and living space for their artists.

I didn’t change anything in my work between the two weekends of showing but I did start planning the album form the work will take. Right now, it seems like a 12-track album of both individual field recordings and the combination of recordings and music will be what I put together for a low-key online release (unless someone wants to split the cost of producing a physical version). Hopefully we can set up a performance of the work back home so the work can continue to live on in a spatialised capacity. That will be a complete outcome of a great month of working and recording the sounds of Fukuoka and Itoshima.

At the moment I’m on a Shinkansen train going between Fukuoka and Okayama looking back at pictures I’ve taken over the month and already reminiscing about all the fun we have had. I’ll be making my way around some of the big cities of Japan for the next two weeks. Maybe there will be blog posts but who knows? Tomorrow my plan is to head out to the island of art museums on Naoshima and see all that I can see and then Osaka and on and on.

And I guess all that is left is to dump a few photos up here on the blog…

Hello World!

Hello World!

 This is a first post really to test the formatting of this blog and the way it appears online. 
 2017 is going to be a big year for me in terms of projects and I am very excited to get them underway and released to the people as soon as possible. Solo music, new collaborations, new releases with existing projects and residencies all coming up this year. Hopefully I can keep it all updated on this blog.