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Second week!

Second week of the residency down! This week has been full of bike riding and soundscaping. I began the week by completing the structures for the two tapes (sounds from Itoshima and Fukuoka) that will make the base of the installation. I then moved onto working through the hour of sound planning out the appropriate compositions to go with sections of time. I also planned the work to have a macro structure of a kind of ternary form, going through modal changes that would resolve in the key the piece begins in. (We’ll see how effective this is…)

I also began planning the workshop that I’ll be running during the festival weekend. The workshop will be an adaptation of the workshop Sounding Canberra ran back in September and will show participants a few approaches the field recording that they can take with them and develop. We will discuss the history of the medium and also it’s implications.

But it hasn’t been all-work-no-play, we’ve also had a few great trips around the area. On tuesday we were taken to the Saga prefecture to see the way washi paper is made and I’ll just say that it is an incredible process that has amazing results. The variations in the paper show the level of skill the craftsmen are working with and you could often mistake the paper for fabrics.


There also seems to be a few things I’ve failed to mention in any kind of blog post recently. First off, I recently launched a Twitch channel called Limited Live. The idea of LimitedLive is to have a space where people can come and perform and an audience can view those performances through the Twitch platform. I’m a big fan of Twitch and I think it has the potential for a good deal of music streaming. Secondly, I also launched (on the twitch channel) a new record I put together under the act name of Soft Hollow. The record is titled ‘S’ and is the first of what will be many records.

Please go and check out the record and give it a download on Bandcamp or stream on all the streaming services.