Half Year Update

Well, made it through six months without posting a single blog post. Great job. I have however, been working on a few little projects for the first half of the year and they will, hopefully, very soon see the light of day. Mainly, I have been focusing my time on building skills with the Wwise audio engine programme. A piece of software that is used for video game and interactive media sound design. Very soon I will have a short show reel up online to send around to devs and that will hopefully turn to work. I've also been working on a solo record under the name Soft Hollow. I've been playing a few shows around town and the record is just about ready to release; next thing to do is organise merch, tapes and a release show. 



I have also secured a place as artist in residence at Studio Kura in Japan for the month of October and I am obviously very excited for it! It'll be a great opportunity to develop my skills and work with international artists as well as meet and live with locals. Some big goals for me this year was going to Japan as well as having another residency and this knocks out both. Finally, Lost Coast have been writing a second record and will hopefully be moving to record it very soon. Let's hope!

Here's to the second half of the year... hope it's cool.

New Year, New Music

Little late to be putting out a New Year update but better late than never, right? Spent the end of last year going between Hobart and Canberra and working on some new music. I have also been working hard on a number of new tracks that will go into a new solo project. Also, started the new year with a few gigs both with Lost Coast and solo. Here's a link to one! There a few interesting things in the works for this year and I am very excited and hoping for a better 2018 to 2017. New Music, new work, and new opportunities.

Dublin: Sounding Out The Space International Conference

So it has been a long while since I have last updated this blog and that seems to be a recurring thing. I did think it is worth posting about the last week in which I have spent my time at the Sounding Out The Space conference on all things spatial music held on the DIT campus in Ireland. 

The conference was held over 3 days, 2nd-4th. Each day has been jam packed with talks, keynotes, and concerts. The amount of people at the conference all interested in the same field but exploring it in different ways really took me by surprise. It is amazing to see an international community of people all working within the same space. It gives me some optimism that the field is growing and international communities are being formed. 

It is also impressive to see a somewhat new institution taking a leading roll by putting on events such as Sounding Out. 

Overall, it has been a great experience to see and hear the work others are doing from around the world and it inspires my own thoughts and ideas for future work and projects. 

The building in which the talks were held.

The building in which the talks were held.

The church on campus was used as the concert hall for the spatial music performances.

The church on campus was used as the concert hall for the spatial music performances.

Residency Finished: Photo Update

The residency was a success. The performance of Torrents was held and it was a great evening. A small crowd came to enjoy the audible fruits of my labour and now I have some photos (taken by Joseph Harb) to remember the evening by. 

Later in the year I will be heading to Dublin for the Sounding Out conference to discuss Torrents. Until then I will be working on the paper and new music and projects.

Residency Updates

Up in Sydney again this weekend! Putting in some more work at the Red Rattler as part of the residency. I spent some time in the studio working on an idea for one of the last pieces that will be apart of the final outcome. The piece is based around two melodic lines that share the same rhythmic structure. Each line then has an accompanying melody that uses the same pitch material but the rhythms are changed. This is the first piece I've used the heterophonic technique to compose with and I think with a few tweaks it will be a great piece when put into an ambisonic/ spatialised setting will yield interesting results. 

I also spent some time doing some field recording in the back streets of Marrickville.

I am hoping to get a few good recordings on the industrial sounds of the area during the day and then record the same locations at night. This way I will be able to show the sonic difference of the space depending on the time. These will all be put together into one piece, mixing other field recordings from Canberra.