Well, made it through six months without posting a single blog post. Great job. I have however, been working on a few little projects for the first half of the year and they will, hopefully, very soon see the light of day. Mainly, I have been focusing my time on building skills with the Wwise audio engine programme. A piece of software that is used for video game and interactive media sound design. Very soon I will have a short show reel up online to send around to devs and that will hopefully turn to work. I've also been working on a solo record under the name Soft Hollow. I've been playing a few shows around town and the record is just about ready to release; next thing to do is organise merch, tapes and a release show. 



I have also secured a place as artist in residence at Studio Kura in Japan for the month of October and I am obviously very excited for it! It'll be a great opportunity to develop my skills and work with international artists as well as meet and live with locals. Some big goals for me this year was going to Japan as well as having another residency and this knocks out both. Finally, Lost Coast have been writing a second record and will hopefully be moving to record it very soon. Let's hope!

Here's to the second half of the year... hope it's cool.