I missed posting last week so here is the make up…

Last week was the lead up to the opening of the Itoshima Arts Farm festival that was being held here with the assistance of Studio Kura. I spent the entire week working to finalise the piece of music and get it ready for presentation. I always had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to present the piece in a physical space so it was really a matter of finding the best way to implement that idea. There are always restrictions when doing any kind of work and things like getting power to the speakers, being able to synchronise the outputs, and positioning the speakers so that the spatialisation was a effective were some of these restrictions.

In the end it all worked out and the presentation actually ended up looking very nice (if I do say so myself).


Then opening day came! On the saturday we had a big crowd come through on a tour through the festival. We each spoke about our work for a few minutes to give people an idea of what they were seeing, or in my case hearing. I always find it a little weird to talk about my work as I don’t often work with conceptual ideas in mind. I explained the influences on the piece, why it is displayed through spatialised 8 speakers, how the piece is structured and why it is important to capture field recordings and compare them.

On the sunday of the festival I ran a workshop that we developed through the Sounding Canberra program. It was a great experience to get to teach people, young and old, about the history and techniques that can be used in field recordings. Showing examples and explaining the technology I think helped people understand how and why people do field recordings.

Pictures courtesy of Studio Kura SNS

Pictures courtesy of Studio Kura SNS


This week I’ve been making the most of the areas around me and going for long day trips to see sights and take lessons from locals. Maybe next week will be a travel blog post…