Up in Sydney again this weekend! Putting in some more work at the Red Rattler as part of the residency. I spent some time in the studio working on an idea for one of the last pieces that will be apart of the final outcome. The piece is based around two melodic lines that share the same rhythmic structure. Each line then has an accompanying melody that uses the same pitch material but the rhythms are changed. This is the first piece I've used the heterophonic technique to compose with and I think with a few tweaks it will be a great piece when put into an ambisonic/ spatialised setting will yield interesting results. 

I also spent some time doing some field recording in the back streets of Marrickville.

I am hoping to get a few good recordings on the industrial sounds of the area during the day and then record the same locations at night. This way I will be able to show the sonic difference of the space depending on the time. These will all be put together into one piece, mixing other field recordings from Canberra.