Busy week this week! It began with the commencement of my residency at the Marrickville arts centre, The Red Rattler. I'll be going back and forth between Sydney and Canberra to work on the project I'm undertaking there. I am also taking part in this years You Are Here festival for the second year in a row. This year I will be performing with my free improvisation group made up of Benjamin Drury and Millie Watson. Our name for the event is Ostracod but I think we have decided to change the name of the group every time we perform. The performance will be a fun one! The original came from Millie in which we will be performing outside of a tent while the audience listens from inside, watching our silhouettes cast across the sides. We will be making use of a large space, playing with electronics and acoustics and having a fun time. I also got recruited into the Telling Myths, Telling Lies performance taking place at the Gorman arts centre. This will be a fun collaboration with performers, actors and directors from Sydney. It is a great arts festival that showcases a lot of the work that local artists are putting in and the variety of ideas that are coming out of our rural city.