Residency Finished: Photo Update

The residency was a success. The performance of Torrents was held and it was a great evening. A small crowd came to enjoy the audible fruits of my labour and now I have some photos (taken by Joseph Harb) to remember the evening by. 

Later in the year I will be heading to Dublin for the Sounding Out conference to discuss Torrents. Until then I will be working on the paper and new music and projects.

Residency Updates

Up in Sydney again this weekend! Putting in some more work at the Red Rattler as part of the residency. I spent some time in the studio working on an idea for one of the last pieces that will be apart of the final outcome. The piece is based around two melodic lines that share the same rhythmic structure. Each line then has an accompanying melody that uses the same pitch material but the rhythms are changed. This is the first piece I've used the heterophonic technique to compose with and I think with a few tweaks it will be a great piece when put into an ambisonic/ spatialised setting will yield interesting results. 

I also spent some time doing some field recording in the back streets of Marrickville.

I am hoping to get a few good recordings on the industrial sounds of the area during the day and then record the same locations at night. This way I will be able to show the sonic difference of the space depending on the time. These will all be put together into one piece, mixing other field recordings from Canberra.

Projections and Other Performances

Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing a few different performances and working on a number of projects I have going at the moment. The weekend before Easter was the You Are Here festival in Canberra. I performed in two different shows that ran over the weekend. The first was the tent performance with Millie Watson, Ben Drury and myself. The tent went very well and I think all of us were happy with the outcome of the gig. We decided to play two sets the first lasting for 45 minutes and the second over an hour. Drury used double bass and electronics, Millie had found sounds and electronics (computer processing) and I used the combo that's been my go to for recent gigs, synthesizer, kaoss pad and acoustic guitar. I like this arrangement and instrumentation as it allows us to create looping textures that all fit well together. We can also make use of the space by walking around with the acoustic instruments. The tent also added other sonic possibilities by playing the tent poles and scratching the tent itself, making a spooky camping experience.  

Photo taken from the You Are Here Facebook page.

Photo taken from the You Are Here Facebook page.

I also performed with a theatre group, providing the musical accompaniment to the work. This was a fun show and the first time I had done any theatre work since school, very different from anything I have done recently. 

This week I had a gig with EMS performing two new works by Alexander Hunter that were performed with projections by Canberran artists. The pieces created a very nice soundscape that the instrumentation helped to create. Strings, electronics, brass and percussion had the audience mesmerised with the sound and visuals. 

I am continuing work on my residency project at the Red Rattler and I think I have made some good progress on the overall idea and execution of the idea. More work to put in, time to record some music, write some notes on a page and get it done.

Rat Trap Beginning & You Are Here

Busy week this week! It began with the commencement of my residency at the Marrickville arts centre, The Red Rattler. I'll be going back and forth between Sydney and Canberra to work on the project I'm undertaking there. I am also taking part in this years You Are Here festival for the second year in a row. This year I will be performing with my free improvisation group made up of Benjamin Drury and Millie Watson. Our name for the event is Ostracod but I think we have decided to change the name of the group every time we perform. The performance will be a fun one! The original came from Millie in which we will be performing outside of a tent while the audience listens from inside, watching our silhouettes cast across the sides. We will be making use of a large space, playing with electronics and acoustics and having a fun time. I also got recruited into the Telling Myths, Telling Lies performance taking place at the Gorman arts centre. This will be a fun collaboration with performers, actors and directors from Sydney. It is a great arts festival that showcases a lot of the work that local artists are putting in and the variety of ideas that are coming out of our rural city. 

Art Not Apart

Yesterday, I took part in the annual arts festival, Art Not Apart. The festival takes place within the New Acton suburb of Canberra and makes use of the outdoor areas and various interiors and galleries. I performed as part of Experimental Music Studio, an ensemble organised by Alexander Hunter. Our brief was to experiment, improvise and create soundscapes for the people walking through one of the main garden areas in New Acton. Each performer had a set location within the area and this created a cool spatialisation effect. As people walked through the garden they would hear a number of different sounds that were all some what related or at least trying to interact with one another. I say "trying" because due to the distance between each of the performers it was often hard to hear any subtle intricacies within some sounds at time making it difficult to react with other performers and their sounds in any meaningful way. We were in the space for 5 hours, starting from 1pm and basically playing continuously for the majority of the time. My set up for the gig was an unusually small set up for me. Trying to achieve what I was unable to at Enlighten, I used my oud, a microphone and my KP3 in an attempt to combine acoustic sounds with effects processing. 

Photo by Alexander Hunter

Photo by Alexander Hunter

I often used the sample and looping features within the KP3 to create some cool soundscapes that I would use as a basis for improvising as well as interacting with other performers. I was able to get a few recordings of some of the cooler sounds and will hopefully incorporate them into future tape pieces. 

All in all it was a pretty enjoyable day and its always fun to play some music with your friends in a public space.

Photo by Alexander Hunter

Photo by Alexander Hunter