I am a composer and performer from Canberra, Australia and a recent graduate from the Australian National University’s School of Music. I have worked with many members of the local and international experimental music and art communities including the ANU New Music Ensemble, the Experimental Music Studio, Opus and bands such as Ecruteak and Lost Coast.

Recently, my work has focused on the use of electro-acoustic instrumentation, spatialisation, and open form composition. I also focus on composition techniques that allow the performer control over the work’s parameters changing the piece each time it is performed. I am also interested in exploring new forms of notation and direction that do not rely on the practices of standardised forms, allowing the performer more control over their interpretation and expression of the work. By combining this with fixed media, I aim to creates an interesting soundscape in a live performance setting and on record. 

Wwise Show-reel

Wwise Show-reel

A short show-reel showing my work in the Wwise audio program. 




Professional Experience

‘Dual Locations’ - presented during the Itoshima arts festival 2018, itoshima, japan

2018 Artist in residence, October resident studio kura, Itoshima, Japan

2017 artist in residence "rattrap" residency, april - june resident at the red rattler, marrackville sydney


"double drowning fatality" ANU new music ensemble and art school COLLABORATIOn,  bundanon trust festival


Canberra International Music Festival, Canberra Glassworks


Volunteer and Performer at the International Conference on Auditory Display, Australian National University


YouAreHere Festival – Experimental Music Studio, Canberra


YouAreHere Festival – Original composition for 'Pieces for Cars, Tunnel, and Hexagonal Vents', Canberra


Composition for the ANU String Orchestra, Australian National University


Composition for the Electrillon performance, National Carillon of Australia


Touch Designer workshop, Australian National University


Composition for The Noise, Australian National University              

Engineering and Production Work

Soft Hollow LP ‘S’ - 2018

Lost Coast LP 'Colourless'  - 2015-2016 

Ecruteak Demo                    - 2014


"Representing the World Town: Cosmopolitanism & Transnational Identity in the Music of M.I.A."

"Torrents: Audience Participation in Spatialised Music Performance." - Presented at sounding out the space, 2017, dit.